Game Sound Implementation

So, up til this point I’ve only considered doing the music for video games – but the past 2 weeks have sort of changed my mind.

First off, I did some music for a Boat-Combat game and in return, they gave me a quick tutorial into game implementation inside Unreal Engine 4. You can check out their game here!

It was amazing how detailed and how many options come inherently with this game engine. They were showing me the back-end nuts and bolts of how the audio as well as the entire game comes together. Long story short, I was sold that I needed to learn this stuff! How great would it be if I could compose the music for a game as well as create and implement all the sounds for it? Only a few days later, I was told about a game audio panel happening. It was refreshing to hear that almost everyone who has made this a career had to stumble around a bit to get there. Plus, they also told me about the middle-ware developers are using – FMOD, Wwise and a few others. I’m incredibly excited at this new opportunity I’ve discovered!

Next week I’m heading to CA to meet with developers and plant some career seeds. I have a meeting to tour Naughty Dog studios!

Finally, I had the chance to work on some very dark ambient music for Project Frequency – a survival horror game. You can hear some of the music I composed for the game below. And, if you’d like to know more about the game, go here!

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